Safety & Health

Safety & Health

We from Merison Group have been working on Covid-19 in the new normal, also known as the new norm, for several months now. We have adapted our new way of working to prevent Covid-19. We follow Covid-19 news and government policy updates closely.

During MCOs, we accommodate government travel restrictions from time to time. During office hours, all employees are required to wear masks and practice social distancing. Daily check-in with MySejahtera apps and using a thermometer sensor to detect an elevated body temperature associated with fevers. We also disinfected the office on a daily basis to make sure our employees’ health are protected. 

We advise our staff for self-quarantine process that is implemented at the early planning stages to trace and isolate any suspect staff, alongside a daily check for our staff’s health status.


Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Covid-19



The policy and guideline is implemented to ensure our employees is protected during this pandemic. Our primary focus is to minimizing the risks of the Covid-19 spread within our working environment. Our guideline is including:

  • Employees who have flu, fever, or cough are advisable to avoid enter the office and consult a doctor.
  • Employees are encouraged to wash hands regularly.
  • Avoid work related gathering.
  • Employees are encouraged to sanitize their workplace twice a day.
  • Wearing facemask is a must when entering office areas.
  • Online meeting is encouraged during this period.
  • Regularly update with the government on latest Covid-19’s policy.